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Competitive Tracking for Working Time Directive and Effective Fleet Management @ 90p per day
Online AVL - the core of the  vehicle tracking system is the OnlineAVL. A windows based application that provides a sophisticated software solution. It allows live visibility of your fleet's activities via the internet. Allows you to track, send and receive messages and monitor your fleet from almost any PC in any location in the world.
The OnLineAVL system provides:
  • Real time vehicle tracking
  • Wide area mapping down to street level
  • Multi user functionality
  • Historic exception reporting and journey replay
  • Daily activity reporting
  • Find address function and postcode
  • Geofencing
  • Two way messaging options
  • and much more...

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The OnLineAVL solution allows messages to be sent to a mobile data devices such as the MDT-850 Mobile Data Terminal, which provides better, faster, cheaper two-way text messaging, allowing fast and dependable communication with your fleet.
Navigation Systems
Act Now - Save 's
Save on GPS Satellite Navigation systems. We can supply the  Navman iCN650 





Business Benefits
Real-Time Information
  • Dispatch and allocate new jobs to the nearest vehicles
  • Provide transparency on your team's whereabouts
  • Confirm ETA's and offer enhanced customer service
  • Reduce your team down times




How it works
This will give you a brief overview of how the system works

View the online demo of the new  onlineAVL.

New Products
Navman PIN
A new model has being launched the PiN570.

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