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Tracking Vehicles
...Personal Tracking
Do your kids go missing at weekends and you are concerned about them. Like to check where they are?  Need to be able to find relatives?
Also at work what about staff in lone worker or at risk situations like bailiffs, midwives, home visitors., estate agents and many more.  Well now you can easily find them by tracking their mobile phone.

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Phone locations for home & business

How accurate is it

How much does it cost

You get a wide range of unique features with this solution.

  • Make real-time location requests.
  • Make automatic location requests that are then delivered by e-mail.
  • See your history of locations requested.
  • Organise your mobiles into groups.
  • Find the 'nearest'.
  • Multiple scale maps to view location.
  • Set movement alerts.
  • Consent process complies with all 5 large UK network operators.
  • Sent text messages to an individual or group
  • No long term contracts.
  • No cancellation charges.
  • Unique Pay-As-You-Go location credit Top-Ups.
  • Unique location bar management system, which enables location access to be tailored to certain hours. This solution incorporates web management tools with e-mail alerts.
  • An e-mail alert system advises an existing Registered User when a new Registered User seeks to locate a mobile in his/her location group.

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Tracking Vehicles
Fleet Management for Lorries, vans, cars and trailers





Navigation Systems

Navman PIN
New Navman PiN 570 launched September 2005
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