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Navman iCN 650 v3

The ultimate transferable Pan-European in-car navigation system.

The ultimate pan-european satellite navigation system which can be extended to North America and Australasia

Incorporates the latest GPS Technology, the absolute top of the range.

Has a massive 2GByte Hard Disc with a 3.8 inch TFT screen

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Navman iCN 635 v3

Transferable Navigation based on the award winning iCN630.

Navman iCN 635 Transferable Satellite Navigation

Drive away navigation system with awesome performance and functionality.

With a 3.8 inch TFT screen delivers a highly detailed 3D map view.

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Navman iCN 510 v3

The new lightweight portable satellite navigation system.

Navman iCN510 - the new in car and portable transferable satellite navigation system

Not only can you use this model in your car but you can carry it with you walk around town.  Ideal for visiting places on holiday and finding those places where your more obscure business meetings are held.

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