Fleet Management Tool for Working Time Directive (WTD) reporting  

NEW     Real Time WTD Reports

Working Time Directive (WTD)  - under the new law it is imperative to know how many hours a driver has left in any one given period.  

Using the driver logOn/Off terminal and vehicle tracking you are able to have an instant real time view of what the driver has done and what hours are left within any given period. 

This is the ideal solution for all vehicle drivers and management. It allows you not only to meet with the new directive but be one jump ahead of the requirements for the WTD. 

A fully live, GPRS based, fixed cost tracking system will also increase efficiency, enhance your customer care and also enable vast savings to be made within the business.

Tracking is at a fixed price of 99 pence a day and includes equipment, installation and ongoing data charges.  With NO hidden extras

WTD reporting facility requires an onboard data transfer terminal at 29pence per day per vehicle and includes all data no matter how much is sent or received. Live and historic data is available at the touch of a button and all the data is kept on our servers for as long as you have the system fitted. Remember also that the data has to be logged and stored for 2 years for WTD.

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