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Mobile Calls

We can look at your current usage and propose plans or if starting out we can help plan a solution that best meet your immediate and longer term requirements.

By reviewing the calling patterns from your company to customer or own mobile phones we can give you a overview of your current costs. Following our analysis and investigation, we can devise a plan to save you money, giving you a list of actions and likely savings and nothing will be done until you say so.

Our plans have saved companies between 19% and 60% so far and on average we save companies 27%. And what have you got to lose, nothing, if you find we cannot save you anything then you can rest with the peace of mind that you are not wasting money.

As we are totally independent of any network supplier we can offer you a package of measures tailored to best meet your companies needs, giving you the benefit of 38 years of expertise in the communications area.

Our solutions are geared to your requirements and we are not governed by network suppliers pressure. We will look at the best possible solutions to match your needs.

To find out more call 0845 4585628 or use our online form here.

Least Cost Routing

Act Now - Save 's
Save on the landline to landline calls from your business with our special CBS rates.

We can offer 1.7 pence per minute.

Tracking Vehicles
Fleet Management for Lorries, Vans, cars and trailers

Tracking People
Find relatives, staff in lone worker or at risk situations. You can even find your kids at weekends.




New Products
Navman PIN
We will be launching the PIN in October 2004.

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