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Saving costs on your calls to landlines

Whether you are an existing company, a residential customer or are planning a new office from scratch we can use our 38 years of experience in the communications industry to ensure your costs are at a absolute minimum. 

We buy vast amounts of minutes we are able to negotiate very competitive rates. We have also negotiated that none of our clients will pay a minimum call charge, so you only pay for the amount you have used. Our rates are so competitive we donít even ask you to sign a contract, and you are able to move from us to another supplier at any time. 

Our current rates per minute are Local an National Calls 1.6p. For more detail heck here.

We can review the current or likely calling patterns from your company to other landline phones we can give you a overview of your costs and show you the savings available by using the Competitive Business Solutions packageTo use this service please click here for instructions for you to send us the information necessary

Following our analysis and investigation, we can devise a plan to save you money. We will give you a list of actions and likely savings including any "Least Cost Routing" options available, however, for your protection nothing will be done until you wish to go ahead.

As we are independent we can offer you a package of measures tailored to best meet your companies needs. Our aim is to help you save money and reduce costs so call 0845 458 5628 now.

Least Cost Routing
Act Now - Save £'s
Save on the landline to landline calls from your business with our special

View the online demo of the new Navman onlineAVL.
Tracking Vehicles
Fleet Management for Lorries, Vans, cars and trailers

Tracking People 
Find relatives, staff in lone worker or at risk situations. You can even find your kids at weekends.




New Products
Navman PIN
We will be launching the PIN in October 2004.

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