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Competitive Business Solutions
The company was created to offer business efficiency consultancy to companies of any size. 

We have a range of specialties in the Telecommunications, Computing and Motor Industries with particular emphasis on technical solutions. 

Using combinations of technologies such as the Internet, web, GPS, GPRS, GSM, Satellite Data  & Phones we can offer a vast range of business solutions at competitive prices.

Our aim is to bring to you a range of facilities that will to reduce costs to your business.

 What makes us different.           

We look at the issues from your point of view, we want to keep you happy and hope that way you will stay as our customers. Once you see how committed we are on your behalf you will want to use our services again and again.

Call 0845 458 5628 to speak to us or contact us

Navigation Systems
Act Now - Save 's
Save on GPS Satellite Navigation systems. We can supply the  Navman iCN650 




Business Range
A few of the things we do
  • Tracking of almost anything, anytime, and anywhere.
  • Satellite Phones and Data
  • Web Page creation and optimisation
  • Process Management




  • Covert Tracking
  • Process Control


How it works

View the online demo of the new  onlineAVL.

New Products
Navman PIN
A new model has being launched the PiN 570.

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